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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Super Autobacs

There is a place were the average car lover will loose there mind. I'm talking about Super Autobacs. Okay if you are a frequent grocery shopper and maybe occasionally visited Costco, well picture that but filled with discounted car parts. Meaning everything is Car Parts and Accessories.

They are located in CA. For those of you who are unable to visit they do have an online store, e-bacs.com. So with a huge selection of after market accessories, performance parts, and a large service and installation center you better believe that they hired nothing but the best professional s to assist with your purchases. They even have on duty mechanics.

So if you get a chance check it out..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Raceway Park, NJ

Today was the 10th Annual Fall Nationals at Raceway Park, in Old Bridge, NJ. (Englishtown) Even though the EF's were not as deep. maybe seen 3 0r 4 if not mistaken, the event was great. Unlike Honda Day there were a variety of different vehicles from all over. NY, Maryland, Connecticut, and of course Jersey. Some ran 24secs due to minor slip ups when racing down the 1/4mile; and others ran up to 8.9secs.

There was a variety of vendors there. selling everything from Hids, clutches, turbo parts, and clothing.
Speedlounge, Urban Racer, Wired, Skunk2, and etc. Even Eat Sleep Race was there and I came across a little sticker to add to your collection.
$3.49 ONLINE

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Car Thief

This post might not apply to all readers depending on where you live based on car theft percentage.
But this post is really just to clear up some ideas on car security..

The reality is the safest your car can be is in a well locked garage.
While most of us don't have that luxury there are many other options, but remember the more the better..
the most original device would be the club, but the material the club is made of is much more durable than the steering wheel so car thieves can easily bend back the wheel with a bar to get
off the club some saw through the wheel ,if you have a racing steering wheel they can pop off the horn button remove your wheel with one bolt and put on theres. More enthusiast are starting to invest in removable steering wheel hubs with a replaceable lock,many company sale these in all applications.

Another security device in the form of the club is the auto lock a device that can be placed around your clutch(in manual cars) or the brake (in automatics). Many skilled cars thieves have mastered the art of using blank master keys for just about everything from removing clubs to opening your car door and even starting your ignition ( in cars without incripted keys).
on older models of the auto lock a thief could use a pry bar and bend back the actual metal bar the locks behind the pedal making this device easily removable in seconds. Also if your car is a stick shift if the thief places the car in neutral and drops the emergency brake they can try to push your car some where local to take there time and get the club off.
One of the most popular locks on the market today would be the alpha lock style which locks onto the actual wheel of the car like a boot used by police .One of the biggest mistakes people do is use an alpha lock but not put wheel lug locks on there rims ( now you do the math how long does it take to change a tire) over $100 buck down the drain.. Some car thieves are able to bang the lock dead center with a strong hammer allowing the lock to release, and of course some thieves walk around with blank style master keys. But once again folks the more security devices the better, being that it will deter the beginner or slow down the advanced.

Now lets move on to alarms.
I have found the best style to be 2way pager alarms with come with a remote that can notify exactly when the alarm is sounded better units have a lcd display which can show you the actual part of the car that was tampered with.
now the real problem with most alarms as well as factory is the common locations of
of which the components are placed, example.
Most kill switches are placed under the driver side carpet near the pedals an easy target for thieves, also the alarms brain can be found not far from in the same area just further up
even with pager alarms the antenna for the pager is usually placed along the windshield which can easily be cut once the door is open and bye bye 2way signal.
The alarms siren is usually placed at the back wall of the engine bay when you open the hood, a quick slick thief can open the door pop the hood snip the power wire to the siren and you'll
never hear your alarm going off.
A nice hint would be to try to hide theses components a little better than the installer did just to stay a step ahead of a skilled thief.
One great tip would be to extend the alarms wiring and hide the alarms brain inside your car fender.This would drive almost any car thief crazy, how can he disarm your alarm if he can find it.
Also it is a great idea to add air horns to the alarms siren and hide the wires more discretely,
this will not only startle the thief but also everyone will hear it that much quicker.

In most newer Honda vehicles the car can not be stolen without the actual key which is mated to the cars ecu. Newsflash folks if a thief hooks up a stand alone computer such as a Honda takpro unit they can start your car the same ways they would steal an older civic or Integra(sorry to break it to you).
Some people wire kill switches in there car such as fuel cut off relays and spark cut off switches but if a skilled thief can have enough time under the hood many of these switches can be bypassed especially like running speaker wire from the battery to your cars starter
and starting the car.

One of the most expensive options in car security is installing a lo jack unit which usually run over $1000 dollars. This system comes with a remote sensor you keep on your key chain and if your car is started while your your not withing fifty feet of the car the police will notify you.
Sophisticated unit can actually be tracked and controlled by the police, from the station the can actually send a signal to make all of the windows roll up, lock the doors, and shut off the cars engine.
While the lo jack is definitely a brilliant unit it does have some flaws
If a thief knew your car was equipped with a lo jack unit (hint the stickers placed on the windows), the lo jack actually works off of the same frequencies as police radios and also nextel direct connect phones so if a thief was to walk around the car with a Nextel chirp walkie talkie phone, when they near the actual unit they will hear static through the phone which is ofcourse a radio interference. Now they know where to try to snatch the unit from when they enter the car before they start it, also if not equipped with a battery backup they disconnect the cars baterry for a few seconds and bye bye lo jack.
Believe it or not factory equipped on star vehicles sometimes help more than lo jack.

believe me folks this post was not intended to scare anyone, but really just to give some people a reality check.
its a doggy dog world out there.