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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hyper Rev

What is Hyper Rev?

Well Hyper Rev is a mag that came to light in the early 90's. It's like a car owners I guess you can say bible. It's your cars step by step guide and it's over 200pages. Although the mags are made in japanesse there are alot of visual aids so you will pretty much understand.
Some of the features in Hyper Rev Mag
  • Shop and Manufacturer Demo Vehicles
  • Engine & Suspension Refresh Tuning
  • Circuit Spec Machine Reflections
  • Bodykit and Dress Up Parts Guide
  • Gauge, Meter, Interior Accessories Guide
  • Engine Tuning Parts Guide
  • Drivetrain Parts Guide
  • Suspension and Safety Parts Guide
  • Wheel Fitment Guide
Now just in case you are as hype as I am about the Hyper Rev mag, you can find them online on ebay.com for $50.00
or you can go to my EF Nation Amazon store which is listed at the bottom of the page and get it for $32.00.

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