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Thursday, September 18, 2008


The EF has been around for 20years and through out the course, it gets more popular. In the beginning you would see more older people driving them but now they are turning out to be a young persons new ride. They are reliable, good on gas, and also unique.

The next time you are driving, stop and notice how many you see and yet they are all different. One with JDM conversions, rims, fog lights, amber or clear corners; moon roof, SI seats, or even custom paint jobs but most stick to the original color.

But no matter how the same or differenet they are it depends on you, the driver to make them your own. Just know, you can have a car next to you that may have a better motor or could pull off faster off the line but if they can't drive it doesn't matter. Learn your car and decided what is best for you. In the future when we get into motor swaps, and turbo kits (etc) just remember all is optional thats why we have the best and most customizable car.

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