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Sunday, September 21, 2008



If you've been a Honda fan for a while, than you'll know that we here in the states have been cheated out of quite a bit of jdm options as well as models that Honda decided to keep in the motherland; japan. Example, the civic type r dc2 front ends, factory turbocharged models and for the ef lover the original SIR...for many reasons such as passing strict American DMV inspections smog laws and safety issues, they always seemed to dummy down the American models (no offense si).

this article is just to show some of the differences between lets say a crx si(us) and a crx sir (jdm)

in japen the first gen sir civic and crx was offer with dohc zc motors or the infamous first gen b16a dohc vtec motor.. a different front end, fog lights, better suspension, rear seats with seatbelts (unheard of in the states) optional power windows and door locks, also a tachometer that read to 9500 rpm and 220 kilometers , and very rare the crx had what we call the og glass roof, wher the entire roof was a dark tinted glass (not so safe in a crash but sooo cool).

if you look out there hard enough you can actually find some sir models that have been shipped into the states , mostly on the west coast but some have even been through all of the slow paper work and registered to be driven on the streets. Now if finding an actual right hand drive car may be out of your budget you can always start searching for those rare jdm pieces that will certainly set your car apart from the others.Remember the most important thing is knowing the difference. Well get a little
more in to jdm front end conversions, amber lights, gage cluster and whatever else that sets us apart from or coveted jdm models......

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