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Monday, September 15, 2008

Plug and Play HIDs

while many are content with stock bulbs or the ever classic hyper whites.....
lets not leave out one of the easiest and best upgrades to set off your cars looks as well as making night driving and bad weather not as bad. Some kits start at about $125 dollars on ebay
or from MB racing in Garfield NJ.you can get them in any color from yellow to pink and purple as well as hid fog lights..

Now an important thing to remember is the Kevlar rating..
contrary to popular belief the higher the K rating the more vivid the color but less visability.for instance 4000k is yellow which is actually the brightest light being closest to the sun.
purple would be more like 12,000k but you will not see as clear at night compared to maybe an extreme bluish white like 6000 or 8000k.
the most important thing to remember is that not all colors may be legal where you live so try to do whats best for your taste and drive ability.

Installation is as simple
1. Pop out the old headlight bulbs
2.Clip the factory harnesst into the HID ballast.
3.Put the new HID bulbs exactly were the old ones went,
4.Find a place to tie rap or mount the 2 ballast, one for each side.

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