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Friday, September 26, 2008


Okay, it is almost forgotten and raley talked about. The Civic Wagon.

The wagon came in 2wd that had d15b2 motor, and 4wd that had d16a6 motor. The 4wd motor was used in the crx and civic si. It used a cable linkage and a PM6 ECU. They came in white, light blue, grey, red and black. Like your commenly driven crx and hatchback you can swap motors but if you want to keep 4wd, keep it simple.

So the next time you see a wagon give them a thumbs up. If you needed a little more space in the backseat and maybe a little more trunk room this should be your choice.

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build electric car said...

Ya you are right, most of the time when we need that little but still most important extra space than surely it's in Wagon.